Valérie LaMontagne: Strokes and Dots

  • ©2013, Valérie LaMontagne, Strokes and Dots


    Strokes and Dots

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Creation Year:





    h = 200 cm

Artist Statement:

    Strokes&Dots is a micro-collection inspired by early Modernist representations of speed, graphic design, abstract art and technology—as well as the print work of Russian/French textile visionary Sonia Delaunay. Created with rapid prototyping technologies of the 21st century such as digital textile printers, and the integration off-the-shelf technological add-ons, the garments are designed to be DIY-assembled.

Technical Information:

    The designs have a series of embroidered LEDs (5-12) and a motion or light sensor, transforming the rhythm and illumination of the LEDs in tandem with the wearer’s movements, or by reacting to immediate environmental light fluctuations.

    The garments are made of digitally printed silk textiles, electronic hardware, and hand-embroidered hard & soft circuits. The designs can be bought as DIY kits or as finished garments. The electronics are coin cell battery operated.


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