“Victimless” by Joseph DeLappe

  • ©1988, Joseph DeLappe, Victimless



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Artist Statement:

    This work is about changing channels; creating new contexts for moving images. To impose an order upon the chaos of visual information we are subject to through the media and everyday living. The result being imagery that conveys a personal point of view from selective input. The images were initially taken from random videotape recordings of broadcast television and the intentional use of camcorder. The computer was used to “grab” individual frames of video which were then manipulated, photographed, and re-assembled. The complete images were incorporated into two distinct installations, “Changing Channels” and “Adam and Eve”.

    I am currently working on an interactive installation incorporating electronic sculpture, text and images, a personal computer and office furniture. This peice shall complete my Masters of Fine Arts Degree at San Jose State University’s CADRE Institute.