“Virtual States of Entanglement” by susy.technology

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    Virtual States of Entanglement

Artist(s) and People Involved:



    Multi-channel audio-visual installation

Artist Statement:

    susy.technology presents Virtual States of Entanglement, a multi-channel audio-visual installation exploring themes of non-locality, entanglement and the collective consciousness. As technologies continue to amplify an increasing interconnectedness between individuals and the collective sensorial experience, we consider the ways by which these systems shape, form and distribute feeling. The work presents a dialogue that is existential in focus and that directly relates to what it means for us to sense pain, conflict and discordance emerging at a global scale.

    Speculating on the implications that quantum mind theory and the many-minds interpretation may have on our near future relationships to sentience, Virtual States of Entanglement addresses an increased meta-awareness that rapid technological advancements continue to nurture. As a collective, susy.technology draws inspiration from lived experience in ways that support our exploratory research concerning societal relationships to and dependencies on technology and our collective understanding of these systems and experiences.



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