“Water drop viewer (indoor version, 2022)” by Roc Pares

  • ©, Roc Pares, Water drop viewer (indoor version, 2022)
  • ©, Roc Pares, Water drop viewer (indoor version, 2022)


    Water drop viewer (indoor version, 2022)

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Artist Statement:

    Water drop viewer is an analog interactive indoor installation that uses human energy to create an intimate relationship between the viewer and a modest, beautiful, unique and fragile drop of water. The installation aims to promote a deep contemplative state that allows you to connect with a drop of water as an essential element of life and as a world in itself. After thirty years of dedication to electronic art, with this work I am forced to rethink my own relationship with the media and nature, with mediation and experience.

    Interaction: When looking through the eye piece, the viewer sees what she perceives as a suspended wobbling water drop. In fact, she is always looking at different drops of water in the same position, revealed by the flashing light coming in intermittently through the shutter. The mechanism draws an analogy between the frame of a film and the drop in a stream of water. The installation works thanks to the physical interaction of visitors, who can operate the water pump and the bicycle light (dynamo) using the pedal of a century-old sewing machine. I believe that by incorporating a treadle mechanism, I can involve visitors in a physical repetitive action that can potentiate the meditative state that I am willing to convey.

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