“We Move Together or Not At All” by Sasha Kleinpatz, Navid Navab

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    We Move Together or Not At All

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Artist Statement:

    We Move Together or Not At All is a choreographic installation that places consent, multi-sensory performance archive, and species inter-dependency in conversation. This performance by Sasha Kleinplatz and Navid Navab takes the form of an excitable plant-filled greenhouse with a dancer moving in its centre and it will be presented on June 11 at Konvent, a former convent of nuns located in Berga that has been converted into an experimental laboratory. Choreographer, dancer, and interdisciplinary artists work collaboratively to build performance scores meant to raise the temperature, moisture, scent, and bacteria in the greenhouse and co-orchestrate states of sensory access to the participants gestures, human or none.

    Through this practice the sweat of the dancer becomes a source of heat and humidity that supports the plant life. We frame this sweat and heat, and the plant life that they support as the barely visible, archival trace of performance, as emergent formations traversing condensation, movement, sound, and affect. The performers are augmented with sensors that respond to torque, horizontality, verticality, and percussivity.  A responsive scenography transcodes qualitative variables of the performance into sound, vibration and condensation, as multimodal gestures towards a non-linear understanding of how the plants may experience the events within space.



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