““What is the Internet for You?” Pt. 2” by Lorenz Potthast

  • ©, Lorenz Potthast, “What is the Internet for You?” Pt. 2


    “What is the Internet for You?” Pt. 2

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Installation Projection Mapping

Art Event Affiliation:

    The People’s Smart Sculpture (PS2)

Artist Statement:

    “What is the Internet for You” is a two-part participative installation. The second part took place at uShaka Beach as a cooperation between Potthast, “Express Yourself/City” and the “uShaka Marine World” and the seaside at Durban Point. A digital stream of particles was projected on the sand to symbolize the online data send through the deep sea cable constantly. Cables like the one between Bremen and Durban reach a coast deeply buried under the sand. The installation made visible that the simple communication that is enabled by the internet is connected to gigantic infrastructure that most people do not think about.

    The first part consists of a participative digital art installation by Lorenz Potthast (Xenorama) in collaboration with the PS2 Subproject “Express Yourself/ City” at KZNSA Gallery. It broached the internet based connectivity between Africa and Europe and in particular the one deep sea internet cable that connects the two sister cities Durban and Bremen and what it means for people. People could send an email and the different opinions became part of a projection on the front of the gallery.


    Supported by M2C Institute, Partnerschaft Bremen-Durban e.V., Creative Europe Programme of EU.