Winnie Soon: How to get the Mao experience through Internet…

  • ©2014, Winnie Soon, How to get the Mao experience through Internet...



    How to get the Mao experience through Internet...



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    Network, Browser

Artist Statement:

    The gif image How to get the Mao experience through Internet… runs on a computer screen through a browser. With its specific characteristics of grainy texture, continuous looping and cinematic sequences, the artwork questions how the digital format might reconfi gure the experience of a public space and the public fi gure of Mao Tse-Tung. Inspired by Matthew Britton’s 2012 piece ‘How to get the Mona Lisa experience through Flickr…’, Soon’s work places images of Mao gathered from the network at the center of every image to produce an animated gif. The work appropriates images from wider platforms, including Google, Flickr and Baidu image searches, which form a collaborative animation with more than 30 known and unknown Internet producers. The work explores representations of Mao through different spatial/temporal/social/political happenings, medium specificities and subjectivities.


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