“Human Effect (2012-2013)” by Yandell Walton

  • ©, Yandell Walton, Human Effect (2012-2013)


    Human Effect (2012-2013)

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    As Yeats asked his readers to tread softly on his dreams, Walton perhaps prompts participants in her interactive projections to consider the weight of their footfalls upon the earth. In this work the contours of an urban laneway are repurposed as a canvas for a series of vibrantly animated interactive projections, creating a paradise of verdant growth. Flowering vines twine up pipes and moss and ferns spread across walls, while vividly coloured butterflies alight on window ledges. Echoing ages before human habitation, this scene entices viewers to move closer – only to see the new life wither and slowly die, destroyed by the human presence. The habitat is renewed once more in a riot of foliage and motion as viewers move away. Tread softly …
    In collaboration with animator Tobias Edwards and software developer Jayson Haebich.

    ‘Human Effect‘ presented by Vivid Sydney as part of Experimenta Speak to Me and ISEA2013.
    Sydney will once again be transformed into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas when Vivid Sydney takes over the city after dark from 24th May – 10th June 2013. Vivid Sydney will colour the city with creativity and inspiration, featuring the breathtaking immersive lighting of the iconic Sydney Opera House sails, performances from local and international musicians at Live LIVE, and a free large scale multimedia outdoor exhibition of interactive light sculptures and building projections around the harbour precinct.


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