Yoshiyuki Shirakawa: Safe Torturing Series-9

  • ©, Yoshiyuki Shirakawa, Safe Torturing Series-9


    Safe Torturing Series-9

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Artist Statement:

    The basic idea of this work is to rethink about our sensitivity of sympathy with things. I’m interested in the process now a sense or value is formed by the information of media system. In my work, I’m trying to represent physical and mental conditions that we daily experience with media. I think that I have been educated in a physically sate environment, that is, an environment protected from actual physical threat. Experience that we haven in the safe environment, brings force another sense or reality in the individual and society. Recent works “Safe Torturing Series” are sort of physically safe torturing apparatus. Like an image on TV screen or computer monitor, unmaterialised image of viewer made of video system is tortured in several ways. For me, it is an exaggeration of our daily experience with media in domestic safe environment. I’m attempting to represent situations without reality, at the same time the situations that paradoxically seem to have reality.


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