ZKM: Surrogate

  • ©1998, ZKM, Surrogate



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    The Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe has been operating since 1989. In 1997 it opened to the public in a restored factory building housing a museum of contemporary art, a media museum, a media library and two research institutes : the Institute for Visual Media ad the Institute for Music and Acoustics. This video includes works presented during the exhibition Surrogate in 1998.

    Institute for Visual Media of the ZKM, Germany

    1. Jeffrey Shaw – The Distributed legible City-Network Installation
    2. Tamas Waliczky – Focusing
    3. Forced Entertainment & Hugo Glendinning – Frozen Palaces (Chapter one)
    4. Masaki Fujihata – Impalpability
    5. Ken Feingold – Interior
    6. Masaki Fujihata – Nuzzle Afar
    7. Kirsten Johannsen – Das Panoptische Dorf
    8. Jeffrey Shaw – Place: a user’s manual
    9. Erkki Huhtamo – The Ride of your life
    10. Pavel Smetana – The room of desires
    11. Agnee Hegedues – Die Sprache der Dingo