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  • ISEA2022

    reinhardtloke are Lian Loke and Dagmar Reinhardt: we develop projects at the intersection of art, design, architecture, choreography and human-machine interaction since 2012. Loke is an artist, dancer and interaction design researcher. Her practice questions the role of the body in contemporary society, and how our notions of self are open to transformation through inter-cultural, inter-species and inter-media relations and rituals. Reinhardt is an architect, designer and researcher and extends design research for architectural performance at the intersection of architecture, acoustics, structure, robotics, fabrication, material and construction constraints into multi-disciplinary collaborations. Our work is a critical speculation on the future of human versus machine agency, combined with a creative experimental approach to materiality through digital fabrication, software programming and robotics. We explore new modes of non/human performativity and human experience through prototypes, installation, exhibition and performance.


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