Lian Loke

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  • University of Sydney, AU


  • ISEA2015

    Lian Loke, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia. She pursues an interdisciplinary creative practice across performance, installation and technology, with the body as a constant theme. She is a Senior Lecturer in the Design Lab, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney, and co-founder of the Pork Collective, a group of artists working in performance installation in festival environments. Recent projects investigating creative agency and bodily experience in technology-mediated contexts include Distributed Choreographies and Sensate Machines with Dagmar Reinhardt, a 2012 Critical Path residency for the My Mind Y/Our Body project with Michaela Davies, and 2010 Australia Council Inter-Arts Project grant for Luscious Apparatus.


    Lian Loke, University of Sydney, AU


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  • NSW, Australia

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