Art Center Nabi


  • Art Center Nabi is a media art museum aiming to act as an intermediary that fuses up- to-date technology, humanity, and arts. Since its foundation in 2000, Art Center Nabi has been active in generating and supporting interaction between art and technology, also incubating a vital scene in which artists and engineers could both gear up for the development of technology. Working across various technologies such as Blockchain, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, previous exhibitions include ‘Unzipping CODE’ (2004), ‘Media Art Festival, P.Art.y’ (2007), ‘Incheon International Digital Art Festival’ (INDAF) (2010), ‘All Artists’ (2012), ‘Robot Party’ (2015), ‘Why Future Still Needs Us: AI and Humanity’ (2016) and ‘Neotopia: Data and Humanity’ (2017)