Alexandra Dementieva

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  • Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels

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  • ISEA2023

    Alexandra Dementieva is multidisciplinary artist, professor at Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, Belgium. In her installations, she uses various art forms on an equal basis: dance, music, cinema and performance. Akin to an explorer she raises questions related to social psychology and theories of perception suggesting solutions to them by contemporary artistic means. Dementieva received the first prize for the best mono-channel video at VAD Festival (Girona, Spain). Dementieva is an author of multiple publications (including Leonardo Journal) and organized and contributed to symposiums and panel discussions (including hosting The Leonardo / LASER Talks in Brussels) for universities and festivals. Her works are exhibited worldwide, including Rubin Museum (New York), the Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg), MMOMA (Moscow), MACRO Museum (Rome), the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow), Centro de la Imagen (Mexico City, Mexico), Neuberger Museum of Art (USA). Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.


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