“Art Data: New Frontiers in Curating, Preserving, Displaying and Connecting Digital Based Arts” presented by Dementieva, Frants, Randerson and Kolodzei


Session Title:

  • Summit on New Media Art Archiving: Panels

Presentation Title:

  • Art Data: New Frontiers in Curating, Preserving, Displaying and Connecting Digital Based Arts




  • Archiving media and digital art pose non-trivial challenges to everyone involved in the art process. Operating and cooperating on different continents, Anna Frants, Janine Randerson, Alexandra Dementieva, and Natalia Kolodzei will share their experiences with archiving and documenting new media while searching for a sustainable global platform for archiving processes and ways of collaboration among transnational institutions. Panelists will discuss how the artist, the curator, and the institution that organizes digital art exhibitions and events reason at each stage of the archival process: from the artist’s conception to the recording in the conditional archive card, to contemplating on the ways of preserving the digital art heritage.

    The possibilities of a unified digital art archive, such as the Connecting Archives project, are significant. Addressing the interoperability of analog archives, and reconsidering and bridging binaries regarding the global ‘centers’ of new media art practice versus the so-called ‘periphery’ are other essential issues to be discussed. It is also important to focus on users’ expectations from such an archive and how to improve the experience of such an archive on both sides – authors and users.

    The panel discussion is focused on the speakers’ exchange of knowledge and practical experience, each of whom looks at the problem of preserving and presenting digital-based art from her special perspective. Ultimately, the panelists will outline points of contact by which the easiest and most comfortable path to preservation and representation can be established for all interested parties.