André Araújo

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  • ISEA2022

    André Araújo is a Musician/Visual Artist from Porto. Since his childhood, he plays the Flute, culmi-nating in his studies at the Conservatory of Music of Porto where he transitioned from classical music to Jazz and Improvised Music. That way, he joins the Koninklijke Conservatorium Brussel (Royal Con-servatory of Brussels, Belgium) where he completes his bachelor’s degree in jazz (Cum Laude). His musical evolution in the Belgian capital, increasingly approaching electronic music, free jazz and improvised music, led him to feel the need to associate visual interaction components to his musical practice. Nowadays, he’s taking a master’s degree in Contemporary Artistic Practice at the University of Aveiro. He is developing projects and experiencing the way his music interacts in various ways, namely in Per-formance, Digital Video Art, Net Art, Installation, Virtual Reality, among others.

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