“LIMBO (2021) – The Sea Levels in a Sound an Visual Immersive Ex-perience” presented by Araújo, Sousa and de Menezes


Session Title:

  • Experiencing the Anthropocene. A Transdisciplinary Journey Through Earth

Presentation Title:

  • LIMBO (2021) – The Sea Levels in a Sound an Visual Immersive Ex-perience




  • LIMBO (2021) is a Live Sound and Live Visuals performance that reflects on the rise of the sea levels environmental issue, its impact and effects in our cities and countries. Being both the visuals and the sound designs constructed in an impro-vised live performance, the method on which the performance itself is built – intrinsically connecting both mediums – has got layers of complexity, not only from a technical perspective. That synesthetic relationship is also indeed dialectic: how to construct a live sound thinking of a visual impact and how to construct a live visual to be “disturbed” by the sound. Or, in simpler terms, how to paint with music and how to play music with paint. From this, the voyage about our impact in the loss of our cities, of our biodiversity, on our heritage is a meditative, immersive, andreflective act, and a both personal and collective experience.