Andrea Wollensak


  • Connecticut College, University of Leipzig, and Academy of Film

Job Title:

  • Founder, Lecturer, Director, and Assistant Professor


  • ISEA1997

    Andrea Wollensak, USA, is an artist, assistant professor of studio art and fellow at the Center for Arts and Technology at Connecticut College. Wollensak received her MFA from Yale University School of Art in 1990. She recently completed an artist residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada where she investigated mappings with global positioning systems (GPS). She continues to map a variety of sites in Mexico, Canada and the United States making visible the architecture of place and information. Wollensak has partic­ipated in a Fulbright Grant to the Czech Republic, presented papers in the Design Biennale in Brno, Czech Republic 1995; ISEA95, ISEA96; The National Centre for the Arts, Multi-Media Center in Mexico City 1997; and College Art Association 1996. Her work has been exhibited in Osaka, Japan; Berlin, Germany; Banff and Montreal, Canada; New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta.


    Andrea Wollensak was lecturer on the subject of Russian cinema. She was a Lecturer at the University of Leipzig and the Academy of Film in Potsdam-Babelsberg, and has contributed to various publications and projects on media, film and art. She was director and co-founder of the Center for Interactive Media (ZIM) in Cologne.

    All of the participants are practicing graphic designers primarily working in print media,
    and now exploring multimedia and electronic forms of designed information.


Current Location:

  • United States, DE


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