“Environmental Critical Zones: Reading the Wrack Lines” presented by Wollensak


Session Title:

  • Short Papers Online Content

Presentation Title:

  • Environmental Critical Zones: Reading the Wrack Lines



  • Reading the Wrack Lines is an interdisciplinary environmental literacy and educational outreach project designed to engage the local community with innovative learning approaches focused on the reality and possibilities for change in our coastal environment. The project is framed by cross-cutting themes of diversity and inclusion, and includes partnerships with local institutions, environmental specialists, and underrepresented communities. Through a series of creative writing workshops and site visits, participants reflect on the changing environment and create poetic works for inclusion within two art works: a generative audio-video installation projected on a nearby lighthouse, and a laser-cut felt word-based floor sculpture that includes spoken word audio. The creative process and final artistic products of this project empower participants and articulates a vision for environmental change to the larger public.

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