Andreas Weixler

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  • ISEA2016

    Andreas Weixler born 1963 in Graz, Austria, is a composer for contemporary instrumental composition, computer music and audiovisual realtime processes. Contemporary composition diploma with Beat Furrer at the University of Arts in Graz. Performances at NYCEMF 2012, ICMC 2007-13, NIME 2007 New York, ISEA2002 (Nagoya), ISEA2008 (Singapore) among others. Currently associate university professor at Bruckner-University Linz, Austria and a lecturer at InterfaceCulture of the University of Arts in Linz.

    ISEA 2008

    Art University Linz; Interface Culture, Institute of Media Atelier Avant Austria, Composition & Media Arts / Bruckner-University, Institute of Composition and Institute of Jazz and Improvised Music, Austria


    1963 born in Graz, Austria/Europe. Since 1997 lecture for music and media technology at Bruckner-Consewatory Linz, AustriaIEU media artist and composer for contemporary music and computer music special emphasis in audio visual interactivity.


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  • Linz, Austria

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  • TW

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