Andreas Weixler: Waon

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Artist Statement:

    artistic concept
    based on the japanese spirit of harmony between humans (chowa) the computer senses harmony between 2 improvising players and/or voices (waon) and acts accordingly to them in generating audio and visual.

    Waon is an audiovisual improvisation for two musical instruments. In the first part voices of different nations (Japan, USA, Taiwan, Austria) will be analysed and transformed to melodies by oscillators and visuals by the computer. In the second part, two live instruments are improvising from playing the same note, over micro tonal distortions up to free audiovisual improvisation. The computer senses the correspondence of the instruments and reacts in real time. If there is only one frequency, the system plays the same and everything is quiet and in tune (waon). If the notes are different from each other, the computer plays frequencies inbetween as an electronic sound ambience. In case of very far distance the computer reacts with as much frequencies as possible, which could be a noise. The analysis and reactions are displayed in real time by graphics, based on circles and their distortions, ovals.

    Waon, Andreas Weixler 2000/01, interactive audio visual performance for 2 instruments


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