Andrew Gryf Paterson

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  • ISEA2023

    Andrew Gryf Paterson (SCO/FI) – ‘Artist-organiser’, cultural producer, educator, curator and independent researcher. They specialize in exploring connections between art, digital culture, science, cultural activism related to the commons, DIY-Do-It-With-Others.Do-It-For-Research, ecological and sustainability movements, along with cultural heritage and collaborative networks. Originally from Scotland, Paterson has an international practice, including activity over the past ~20 years in the Baltic Sea region, based for most of the time in Helsinki, Finland. He works across the fields of media/ network/ environmental arts and activism, pursuing a participatory practice through workshops, performative events, and storytelling. Strengths lie in hybridity, communications, organization and network arts: the ability to bring together and involve people in creative, collaborative exploration, developing temporary communities, gathering unexpected elements and components as new spaces of/for cultural activity. What is left behind as social, digital, material and ephemeral residue of ‘being t/here’ has been a consistent concern. member since 11.2015


    Andrew Gryf Paterson is a Scottish artist-organizer, cultural producer and independent researcher, based in Helsinki, Finland. His work involves variable roles of initiator, participant, author and curator, according to different collaborative and cross-disciplinary processes. Andrew works across the fields of media/ network/ environmental arts and activism, with a participatory practice involving workshops, performative events, and storytelling. Recent organizational projects include recently ‘Alternative Economy Cultures’ programme of Pixelache Helsinki Festival (2009), ‘Clip Kino’ in Kirjasto 10 Helsinki library and other locations (2008-2010), ‘Add+PF+?’ in the Pedagogical Factory programme at Hyde Park Art Centre, Chicago (2007). He is completing a doctoral candidacy at Aalto University School of Art and Design, Helsinki, with the working thesis title of Artistic Practice as Fieldwork.




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  • Helsinki, Finland

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  • GB


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