Anthony Head

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  • ISEA2017

    Anthony Head creates digital art and immersive experiences, ranging from outdoor projections to interactive software.


    Anthony Head, Bath Spa University, UK


    Anthony Head, UK. My practice as a researcher and artist straddles many areas, due to my interest in interdisciplinary activity and the intersections between art and science. I am a programmer who uses code creatively to develop work, predominantly in the field of 3D graphics, but also in wider contexts. I work in the realm of multimedia, interactive design, installation art, design. I’m one half of the Light Years Projects collaboration and am also Creative Director of the Illuminate Bath Festival. As well as being involved in my paper topic, I have also been researching using 3D graphics for creating a weather app (3D weather), and am involved in a project to create an app to help students analyse poetry (Poetiks).


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  • United Kingdom

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