Ardavan Bidgoli

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  • ISEA2019

    Ardavan Bidgoli is a Ph.D. candidate in Computational Design at the School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University, USA. His research is focused on machine learning generative models and human-machine co-creation in creative practices. He is the robotics fellow at the Computational Design lab (Code Lab) and routinely contributes to the architectural robotic research at the Design Fabrication lab (dFab) where he teaches Introduction to Architectural Robotics. His research has been published and presented in ACADIA, CAADRIA, RobArch, and NeurIPS. He had been collaborating with Bentley Systems as well as Autodesk’s OCTO team at Pier 9 and BUILD space facilities. Ardavan has a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Architecture from the University of Tehran, Iran, and a Master of Architecture in Design Computing from The Pennsylvania State University.

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  • United States of America

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