Artur Matuck

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  • University of São Paulo, School of Communications and Arts, Artist, Teacher, Researcher, Producer, Writer, Photographer and Designer

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  • ISEA2022

    Since the seventies, Artur Matuck has been a writer, artist, and scholar, researching and teaching New Media, Art History, and Philosophy of Science. As a Fulbright scholar, he completed a Master’s in Journalism at the University of Iowa (1978) and an MFA at UC San Diego (1981). He started teaching, in Brazil, at the University of São Paulo (1984). He conceived  the Reflux Project (1991-92), interconnecting Carnegie Mellon University, the São Paulo Biennial, and participating artists from all over the world. He founded the Colabor Center for Digital Languages and conducted the International Acta Media Symposium at USP (2003-2016). In the US, he was invited to teach a graduate seminar on ‘Ars Combinatoria’ at Virginia Commonwealth University (2009). Later, at USP, he launched the Alterscience Research Project (2020). Professor Matuck has been continuously involved with Media Theory, Cultural and Science Studies, Contemporary Arts and Performance in Brazil, USA, Canada, France, and Spain.


    I have been working as a teacher, a researcher, a writer, a visual artist, a video producer, a digital photographer, and as a designer of telecommunication art events in Brazil and in the United States. At the Department of Fine Arts at ECA-USP, I am responsible for the disciplines of Multimedia and Intermedia. As a writer involved with art, I have been producing fictional and non-fictional writing. Besides scripting my own videos, I have written science fiction nar­ratives, reviews, articles, and essays that have been pub­lished in Brazil, United States, Canada, France, and Spain. As a visual artist, I have been working with a variety of media, including graphic arts, fictional and documentary video, performance, computer graphics, and telecommunication. I have exhibited my electronic art work in several Sao Paulo Biennials, in 1983, 1987, 1989, and 1991.1 completed a comprehensive study on the history of video and television art, which resulted in my doctoral thesis entitled The Dialogical Potential of Television. In 1990, I was granted a doctorate on Media Arts at the University of Sao Paulo. From 1976 to 1978 I attended the University of Iowa, com­pleting a Master of Arts in Communications. From 1976 to 1978 I attended the University of California at San Diego, where I was granted a Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts. From 1990 to early 1992, I was a Research Fellow at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, where I produced Reflux, a world­wide Telecommunication Arts project. At Carnegie Mellon University, I was committed to an extensive new research on the theory, history, and techniques of Telecommunication Arts. A recent endeavor included plan­ning and coordination of a telecommunication art event, entitled Telematic Prom Art. The event celebrated the open­ing of the new site of the Museum of Contemporary Arts of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in October 1992. The essay, entitled information and Intellectual Property, was published in late 1993 in a special Art and Social Consciousness issue of Leonardo.

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  • São Paulo, Brazil

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