Evgenius Syn

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  • Evgeniy Chernyshov.

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  • ISEA2023

    Evgenius Syn (Evgeniy Chernyshov, Ukraine) is an experimental transdisciplinary contemporary artist, curator, researcher and founder of SYN Art Group. The artist works in the field of science-, light-, sound-, new media-, experimental- and hybrid art. His work explores cultural implications and philosophical dimensions of modern technologies, focusing on questions of nature and evolution of civilization. His task is to expand the imagination of mankind about reality, representing the academic vision of the concept of visual art in the aesthetics of modern times, capturing the process of change of the paradigm and creating an elegant form of transition from classical art to the art of the future. Main message and goal, due to the changes in the paradigm, is to expand mankind’s ideas about itself, space, nature and its phenomena and to be an attentive witness of a change of the eras. The artworks are marked by a special optical idea: it’s sharp and distinctive look of a talented and profound author, who has a individual philosophical vision. All his projects organically combine natural and technologized principles. [Source: https://evgenius.art/about]


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  • Ukraine

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