Bill Vorn


  • University du Quebec

Job Title:

  • Composer and Editor


  • ISEA1997

    Born in Montreal in 1959, Bill (William) Vorn is now a Ph.D. student in Communication & Media Studies at UQAM (University du Quebec a Montreal). His thesis is about interactive models in artificial social systems and multi-agent telem­atic networks. He also teaches audio related techniques at UQAM as he has been working as a music composer and sound designer for more than fifteen years. He was a founding member of the electro-beat group Rational Youth in the early 80s. He then worked closer to the film industry scene as a sound effects editor and film score composer for advertising, radio, and television. Bill Vorn now works in the electronic arts field on interactive robot­ic projects, making ‘real noise from artificial life’.


    Born in Montreal in 1959, Bill Vorn is now making music with noise using computers and digital processing. He is also working on a Communication Ph.D. thesis at University du Quebec a Montreal.

Current Location:

  • Montreal, CA

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