Embodying Robot Performance

  • ©ISEA2019: 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Bill Vorn, Embodying Robot Performance


Session Title:

  • Robotic Art

Presentation Title:

  • Embodying Robot Performance




  • This Artist Talk proposal covers the description of two of our newest works in Robotic Art: Copacabana Machine Sex and Twin Bodies. Copacabana Machine Sex is a musical robotic cabaret involving solely biomorphic machines as musicians and dancers. It displays a metaphorical extravaganza about robots and carnivals, where music hall kitsch and industrial aesthetics intermix. The Twin Bodies project is inspired in part by recent artistic experiments in the realization of anthropomorphic robots. With this project, we aim to produce a series of robotic “doubles” of a human performer (Chun Hua Catherine Dong), characters with which she will interact on stage in very specific situations, sometimes very intimate, sometimes very wild.


  • Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec