Blake Johnston

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  • ISEA2017

    Blake Johnston is a New Zealand based sound artist, currently undertaking his PhD at Victoria University of Wellington Te Kōkī, New Zealand. His works explore his idea of the metaperceptual: the approach of using the perceptual apparatus of the audience as the base materials for his works


    Blake Johnston is a Wellington based sound artist, currently completing his doctorate in Sound Art at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington, New Zealand. His work looks at creating a metaperceptual approach to sound art. The meta-perceptual approach redirects the focus of the audience back onto themselves. Instead of using perception as a vehicle for expression or representation; perception becomes the material. His work seeks to identify these meta-perceptual themes that are implicit in other works, as well as create a framework for the creation of new metaperceptual sound works. His work has been performed and demonstrated in Australasia, Europe and America.


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  • Wellington, New Zealand

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