“Extending/Appending The Perceptual Apparatus: A History of Wearable Technology in Art” presented by Johnston, Norris, Kapur and Murphy


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  • Design, Art, Science and Technology

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  • Extending/Appending The Perceptual Apparatus: A History of Wearable Technology in Art




  • Keywords: Wearable Technology Artworks, Perception, History of Art, Bio-hacking, Sense Substitution, Artistic Framework.

    Our understanding of how we perceive the world, and our ability to manipulate it, has become increasingly mediated by technology. As this technology progresses, the possibilities for a closer coupling between technology and our sensing faculties is possible, blurring the line between body and technology. This paper explores the history of the relationship between wearable technology and our perceptual apparatus. It spans from the invention of the lens through to the current exploration of embedded technology, which allows for the manipulation of the perceptual apparatus itself. This paper discusses the various ways in which the relationship between our perceptual apparatus and forms of wearable technology has been developed and explored in the arts. It then uses this framework to speculate on new works, and describes two new works by the author: Your Hearing Them, and Your Localisation Exposed.

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