Brian Evans

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  • ISEA2013

    Brian Evans, University of Alabama, US


    Brian Evans (USA) is an artist and composer working at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee (USA). He holds a D.M.A. (1988) in music composition with a minor in computer graphics from the University of Illinois, an M.F.A. (1984) from the California Institute of the Arts, and a Bachelor of Music in composition (1976) from North Carolina School of the Arts.


    Brian Evans is a music composer interested in the use of computer technology as an expressive tool in music and the visual arts. His current research includes exploration of mathematics as an artistic medium. Evans received his D.M.A. in Music Composition from the University of Illinois, USA and a M.F.A. degree from the California Institute of the Arts, USA. He works at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, as a Research Artist and teacher.



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  • Nashville, Tennessee, US

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