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    Brigitta Zics is an award-winning artist who creates works with visual and material sensitivity that seeks to fashion new experiences. She works on the convergence of art and science and explores mixed-media forms combining various techniques and emerging technologies. Her recent interests embrace experiential art, human perception and art, and the aesthetics of data and algorithms. Her works has been exhibited at Budapest, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Monaco and Cologne and published at Leonardo Journal (MIT press) and other academic journals (Springer, Taylor &Francis). In 2004 her work was nominated for the International Media Art Award at ZKM, in 2005 she was selected for one of Europe Best Multimedia Artists. She is an Associate Professor at Ravensboure University of London and Fellow of Royal Society of Arts, UK.


    Dr. Brigitta Zics is an artist and researcher based in Culture Lab Newcastle University, UK. Her main interest is the investigation into the potential of technology as a philosophical tool and aesthetic ecology in relation to human experiences. Her recent research subjects include experimental data visualisation,  bio-signal interaction & affective environments, application of swarm theory, and aesthetic ecologies that facilitate immersive experiences. Her artistic work and research have been broadly exhibited and published in journals such as Leonardo (MIT), Journal of Visual Art Practice (Intellect),  in books such as New Realities: Being Syncretic book (Springer) and festivals such as Siggraph. Other affiliations include Visiting Fellow at Transtechnology Research (University of Plymouth), Senior Lecturer at the University of Wales, panel member of the Leonardo Reviews and Research Advisor in the Doctoral School at the Hungarian University of Fine Art.


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