“Pachinko Machine” by Brigitta Zics

  • ©, Brigitta Zics, Pachinko Machine
  • ©, Brigitta Zics, Pachinko Machine


    Pachinko Machine

Artist(s) and People Involved:




    Code, computer, self-learning algorithmic drawing, vector graphics


    65” screen

Artist Statement:

    Pachinko Machine is a self-learning algorithmic drawing constructed as a pinball machine. The Machine plays the game a game of pinball itself in an automated setup. During the period of the exhibition the Machine’s algorithm optimizes its own performance through machine learning and becomes increasingly good at trying to win the game of pinball. The only barrier to success is beyond the algorithm’s control: there is a second intelligence embedded within the machine that aims to obstruct and obfuscate. The work is a battle of algorithms.
    The visual part of the work is created in a computer drawing process that uses only cycles and triangles to create complex visual appearances. The drawing process is developed in a systematic manner from the top to the bottom without the artist’s comprehension what the final image may look like. The creation of the drawing takes months of drawing, erasing, recreating and fine-tuning. The machine comes full to life when kinetic attributes are assigned to each element.
    Pachinko Machine reflects on the current discourses around artificial intelligence and self-thinking system. Machine learning algorithms are poor in simulating human decision-making; they are however rather successful at understanding and playing games created by humans (for example Deep Mind’s recently developed algorithms). Pachinko Machine takes one step further and humanizes the machine learning process by introducing chance into the game. The battle of these algorithms that aspire to disparate goals aestheticises the process driven by machine learning. Viewers are welcome to make sense of this battle whilst observing the mesmerising patterns of the Pachinko’s drawings.
    The work aims to represent the walk of life and although we may be able to control some part it, there is always an element of chance that may destruct and encourages us to stray from our original path. Pachinko Machine was developed in Unity.




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