Carmelo Baglivo

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  • ISEA2000

    Based in Rome, this studio researches through an interdisciplinary approach of architecture and intervention on an urban scale. IaN+ proposes types of interventions in such a way that the built, conceived as an open and flexible field, must allow a meeting reproduced between an individual and a program.

    IaN+ was set up in 1997 and materializes around the core of its three members with different professional formations and experience. Carmelo Baglivo and Luca Galofaro, design project and theory, Stefania Manna engineering.

    IaN+ multi-disciplinary agency aims at being a place where theory and practice of architecture overlap and meet, in order to redefine the concept of territory as a relational space between the landscape and its human user.

    In each intervention, projects explicitly question the contemporary urban condition through architecture. Construction and building, seen as an open and variable arena, must usher in a permanently repeated encounter between subject and programme.

    Architecture is thus conceived as a method endowed with independence, like a perpetual updating of a programmatic and topological diagramme.


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  • Rome, Italy


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