Carmin Karasic

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  • ISEA2015

    The Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT) is a small group of art activists engaged in developing the theory and practice of Electronic Civil Disobedience. The founding members are Ricardo Dominguez, Carmin Karasic, Brett Stalbaum, and Stefan Wray. EDT is recognized as one of the first small autonomous groups working to popularize digital resistance, working at the intersections of radical politics, global performance art, and web design.

    Carmin Karasic (USA/NL), artist, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I’m interested in issues of data ownership and data privacy. Our personal information is used and abused in ways that are both known and unknown, whether we consent or not. It is important to challenge any notion of universal truths given the potential lack of data integrity. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to education all people in digital literacy skills. Hacktivism is only one of unlimited options for the tech savvy. I’m a founding member of the Electronic Disturbance Theater. We popularized hacktivism in the late 1990s. I design and facilitate technological workshops to encourage people to use technology for self-empowerment. My contributions as a hacktivist, and those of many other artists activists show that the hacker community is not limited to white males, nor is hacktivism criminal by nature. Seeing our work inspires others to say, “If they can do that, so can I.”


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  • Eindhoven, Netherlands the


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