Chu-Yin Chen

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  • Université Paris 8

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  • ISEA2023

    Chu-Yin Chen (TW/FR), Taiwan Professor of Paris 8 University, Arts and Technologies of the Image, director of the Digital Image and Virtual Reality research team (INREV) of the Arts of Images and Contemporary Art Laboratory of the University of Paris 8. She is in charge of the M2 year of the Digital Creation master’s degree.

    ISEA 2022

    Chu-Yin Chen is an Artist and Professor in Digital Art at Paris 8 University and a member of the INREV research team. Since 2019, Chair Professor at National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan). Her creations, based on Artificial Life and complex systems develop interaction modes between audience and virtual creatures showing autonomous and evolving behaviors. Her digital artworks have been shown in numerous international exhibitions. Her researches articulate two overlapping areas: 1] Digital Creation using algorithms of complexity and emergence, and 2] Metacognition and Elicitation of the processes of creation, enaction and aesthetic reception, via psycho-phenomenology and mindfulness.

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  • Paris, France

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  • TW

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