Clemencia Echeverri

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    Clemencia Echeverri lives and works in Bogotá. She completed undergraduate studies in Colombia and specialization and masters in Plastic Arts at Chelsea College of Arts, London. She was a professor of Arts in undergraduate and master’s degree at Universidad de Antioquia and Universidad Nacional de Colombia. After working in painting and sculpture, since the mid-90s, Clemencia has developed works in installation, video, photography, sound and interactivity based on dominant political and social conditions. In the last years, she has realized projects of video installation with participation in several national and international events, between which they stand out, the work Treno in Waterweavers The River in Contemporary Colombian Visual and Material Culture, curator José Roca. Bard Graduate Center New York. The work Sacrificio at the First Biennial of Art of Cartagena, and at the National Artists’ Hall, Medellín. The work Versión Libre nominated in the VI Concurso Luis Caballero and in Coordenadas a review of the installation in Antioquia. Museum of Modern Art of Medellín, premiere of the works of Video instalación Supervivencias, Juegos de Herencia y Treno at the Alonso Garcés Gallery, Bogotá. Juegos de Herencia monocanal in Cosmovideografías Latinoamericanas, CENART Mexico and the Museum of Modern Art in Barranquilla. The work Frontera in the MDE11, Medellín and Juegos de Herencia in Fotografía para Fotografía, Bogotá. The work Voz: resonancias de la prisión, in the National Museum of Colombia and in monocanal version and sound for the Biennial of Liverpool (project No Longer Empty), England; Treno at Daros-Latinamerica Museum, Switzerland; Center of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu Poland; Delfina Foundation, UK and Universidad Nacional Art Museum; Casa Intima at the VI Biennial of Havana, Cuba. The work Apetitos de Familia at the VI Bogotá Biennial Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá. De Doble Filo at Itinerancia with 10 Colombian artists for France, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. She has participated in Electronic Arts Festivals such as ISEA2004 in Helsinki-Stockholm and Tallin, Electronic Arts Festival Banquete, Madrid; Ars Electronica, Austria; Artrónica, Bogota and London, with the work Quiasma in group with three Colombian artists. Over the last 15 years, Colombia has held numerous exhibitions and participations in museums and galleries such as the National Museum of Colombia, the Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá, the Universidad Nacional Art Museum. In 2009 the book was produced on his recent work titled Sin Respuesta. She has won prizes, mentions, national and international scholarships such as the Arts Special Events Council, London, the Daniel Langlois Foundation of Canada and the Biennial Prize of the Arts of Colombia. She has received national and international support, among them Delfina Foundation London, and research-creation grants from the Ministry of Culture, the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and the District Institute of Culture of Bogotá. Selected for the Yaddo Art Residence in New York.


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  • Bogotá, Colombia

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