Barbara Santos, Clemencia Echeverri, Andrés Burbano: Audiovisual Models in Real Time

  • ©, Barbara Santos, Clemencia Echeverri, and Andrés Burbano, Audiovisual Models in Real Time


    Audiovisual Models in Real Time

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Artist Statement:


    Colombia has been involved in a conflict that has lasted several decades. As travelling in Colombia has become troublesome, television, radio, newspaper and mobile phone networks have become the main channels of contact, recognition, identity and communication between distant communities.

    Quiasma is a creative project which consists of an audiovisual exploration of Colombian territory in interactive DVD format. It intends to reveal the power of culture embedded in celebration and feasting during the stress of conflict, and proposes to reactivate alternative image sites through the use of digital technology. The interactive platform allows users to set up their own territory. Joint narratives are generated between the various levels of image. This audiovisual model invites the spectator to investigate the DVD in order to identify the diverse events within it and to create a new narrative.

    During the presentation at ISEA, three users will browse the DVD via three simultaneous live projections which will also be broadcast on the web in real time.