Csenge Kolozsvari

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  • ISEA2020

    Csenge Kolozsvari’s interdisciplinary practice grows out of sound, and an exploration of the many ways it permeates thresholds across universes of experiences. She has been cultivating listening and somatic practices to attune to these thresholds; the fluttering transition between audible and tactile vibrations, constellations of connective tissue dances, a topology that is cross-species, the body’s potential as a membrane for being active between thought, movement and sound, resonating both with the constantly changing surrounding and the conceiving forces within. Working with the materiality of digital media (sound, video) and the performativity of mundane material and aesthetic choices (plastic foil, toys, skipping rope, elevators, aquarium, etc.) her work makes felt different modalities of life (human-, non-human bodies and molecular textures across) at the edge of our perception; the infra-perceptible occasions that are often edited out by the process of making sense of the world. A live practice of process-making and form-taking.



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