“An Artist Talk: The Power of the Spill” presented by Kolozsvari


Presentation Title:

  • An Artist Talk: The Power of the Spill



  • The artist talk will present The power of the spill, a multidisciplinary performance that responds to the tracks: “Animality” and “The Ecosophic World”. Working at the intersection of digital and imaginary technologies, the performance includes live video feedback, algorithmic processes of image and sound, as well as a movement-choreography informed by somatic practices. The power of the spill is a study on visual perception and how it affects our ways of making sense of the world, aiming to create an alternative lens that acknowledges the vitality of objects, a topology that is cross-species, the ways seemingly separate entities are in constant exchange, towards a more ecological way of being. The artist talk will oscillate between describing the piece and demonstrating the algorithmic processes live.