Cynthia Beth Rubin


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  • ISEA1997

    Cynthia Beth Rubin is an independent computer artist working in Providence, where she teaches part-time at the Rhode Island School of Design.Trained as a painter (MFA 1975, Maryland Institute, College of Art/ BA 1972 Antioch College), she began the transition to electronic media in 1984. She attended her first ISEA in 1990 as an exhibitor, and since then has exhibited at a variety of international venues including subsequent ISEAs, SIGGRAPH, Imagina, ARCADE, and other exhibitions in Brazil, Israel, Canada, the Netherlands, and France, Inherited Memories, her most recent animation„ screened at SIGGRAPH 1997, and her previous animation, les affinites recouvrees, screened at ISEA95, the CODE show (New York City), the Pandemonium Festival (London), Jewish Film Festival (San Francisco), Vue sur les Docs (Marseille), Candid Camera (Lodz), and Festival Art Video (Casa Blanca), among others. Working with photo­graphic sources as a point of departure, her animations and still images recall cultural legacies from times and places beyond her personal experience, merged with references to her own life. Focusing on Jewish cultural history, she uses the computer to layer, morph and fuse image fragments together, replicating the subjective experience of memory.


    Cynthia Rubin is on the faculty of the University of Vermont, was trained as a painter and today works with a computer, creating images which focus on cultural retrieval.


    Cynthia Beth Rubin is on the faculty at the University of Vermont, USA, where she is responsible for the computer area within the Department of Art. Working in fixed imagery and animation, she uses the computer as a means to engage in cultural dialogue, integrating images from diverse epochs and cultures. Her work was shown most recently at the Rendezvous d’Imagina in Paris and Marseilles, the Kalisher computer art show in Tel Aviv, and Imagine 94 in Utrecht.

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