“Polish Dreams” by Cynthia Beth Rubin

  • ©, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Polish Dreams


    Polish Dreams

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Artist Statement:

    Through several years of exhibiting computer art, I have moved toward revealing more of my processes as an artist to the viewing public. I find that the more that I share with viewers, the more responsive they are to the work. The commonly held belief that the “work of art should stand on its own” has proven to be both untrue and limiting, as the viewing public has become more habituated to forming links in understanding art and what the artist is doing. My works are based on cultural memories. They are my response to places, artifacts, and images that touch my interior thoughts, and I present them in the intertwined fashion of remembered history. This, however, is my imagined history. Several of the images draw from my personal heritage of Eastern European Jewish culture, but the references are not exclusive. Just as my actual experience is a cultural composite, so are my images.