Emilian Gatsov

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    Emilian Gatsov was born in Bulgaria in 1975. He studied philosophy, multimedia and communications in Sofia. Since 9 years his main output is composing music soundtracks for theatre and dance performances in Bulgaria and on international level, from Shakespeare to abstract dance form, short films, radioplays and commercials. He’s been 4 times nominee for major Bulgarian theatre music awards, Ikar and Askeer, having worked with acclaimed new generation theatre directors like Galin Stoev, Marius Kurkinski, Desislava Shpatova, but at the same time making music and playing live in contemporary dance work with members of NOMAD Dance academy, Brain Store Project, ballet Arabesque, OIsNotAcCompany.  His main interest is in dramatic structures and structures in general. As a computer musician he’s interested in the tension between mechanical and human, artificial and natural, concept and pure emotion, instinct and reason. Along with physical artist Ivo Dimchev he performed series of improvised concerts throughout Europe mostly in the context of dance festivals. Again making improvised music not just music but always a soundtrack to a situation, narrative in the performative way, smearing boundaries between concert and a stage performance. He’s been regular participant in the Sofia Ambient Festival editions where live  electronic music is improvised on top of silent movies to create alternative soundtracks.

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