Ernesto Coba Antequera

ISEA Bio(s) Available:

  • ISEA2018

    Ernesto Coba Antequera, born in 1976 in Barranquilla/ Colombia, is a multifaceted artist, musician and sound designer. He studied visual arts (emphasis in audiovisuals), audio engineering and transdisciplinarity in the arts. His works include numerous music compositions, multimedia installations and sound design for diverse artistic forms. He’s mainly interested in electronic arts and media (both analog and digital) and works with diverse hardware and software. Nature, cities, noise and silence are specially relevant for him as sources of inspiration. The goal in his work is to achieve an equilibrium between intellect and emotion. He currently lives and works in Zurich.

Last Known Location:

  • Zürich, Switzerland, Swiss Confederation

Previous Location(s):

  • CO

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