“Chakana” by Ernesto Coba Antequera

  • ©, Ernesto Coba Antequera, Chakana



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    Sound work

Artist Statement:

    Chakana (“to cross” or “crossing” in Quéchua) is a sound work by the South American sound artist Ernesto Coba Antequera. It consists of manipulated field-recordings of environmental sonic matter recorded on location in South Africa at the Mmabolela Reserve in Limpopo. The piece is inspired by the Southern Cross constellation, which can only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. It is said that the Southern Cross was called Chakana by the Incas and other old cultures of the Andes and according to them it was the centre of the Universe and the bridge between spiritual and material worlds. It had, and still has, a considerable meaning to indigenous groups in South-America as well as in Southern Africa and Oceania.


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