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  • ISEA2009

    ESC, UK. 1999 saw the birth of the ‘Educational Shakespeare Company Ltd’ (ESC), when Tom Magill co-founded the charity along with his colleague Andrew Stocker. om Magill’s and ESC’s work was deeply influenced by Augusto Boal, the Brazilian Nobel Prize nominee, activist and founding father of ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’: “Empowering passive spectators to become active performers in the rehearsal for change in their own lives.” ESC developed a strong focus on cross-community work in storytelling and film. Thanks to Peace II funding, in 2003 they were able to move into film-making, capturing those processes on film as they explored conflict resolution through the performing arts. Critically, ESC worked creatively for many years within the prison system in NI using drama, storytelling and theatre techniques. [source:]

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