ESC: Moment of Truth

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    Moment of Truth

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    ESC is taking part in the ISEA2009 exhibition at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast. ESC’s ‘Moment of Truth’ Exhibit will be a constructed space that manifests and embodies the act of storytelling.
    We will physically represent the process of cognition through a compact corridor structure. The audience will be encouraged to use this space as an opportunity to bring a thought, connect with that thought and record the subsequent truth to camera. Participants will move progressively through the corridor recorded by a camera mounted at the opposite end of the channel. When the participant reaches the last stage they record a truth to camera in words or actions.
    The ‘Moment of Truth’ exhibit creates a space and opportunity for expression without manipulation. It is the participants’ choice to engage, connect and act or not. The reality is that the opportunity has been created.


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