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    Giselle Beiguelman is a multimedia essayist and web-artist who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she was born. She teaches Digital Culture in the Communication and Semiotics Graduatiom Program at the PUC-SP. Since 1998, she has run, an creative studio. Her work includes The Book after the Book”, Content = No Cache and Wop Art, among others. She has been presenting her web works in exhibits, festivals and scientific events devoted to new media art, like Net-condition (ZKM, Germany), Netoras (MECAD, Ba~elone)E, -Poetry (Buffalo, EUA) ArteICidade (Sao Paulo) and the 25th SP Bienlal. For more information on the artist and her work, please got to:


    Giselle Beiguelman (Sao Paulo, Brasil, 1962) is a Ph.D. in History and Redactor at Universo Online. From 1985 to 1996 she worked for the Historical Patrimony Department of Eletropaulo­ Eletricidade de Sao Paulo S/A. During that period she was devoted to the study of the cultural impact of electricity in the urban society. Since 1994, she has been involved with CD-ROM and Internet production. She is new media coor­dinator of “Grupo de Intervencao Urbana – Projeto Arte/Cidade” (Urban Intervention Group), a non-profit organization of cul­tural producers responsible for projects of urban interven­tions in the city of Sao Paulo. Giselle Beiguelman wrote Reptiblica de Hemingway (Perspectiva/EDUSP/ FAPESP, 1993) and directed Intervencbes Urbanas (hybrid CD-ROM, published by Grupo de Intervencao Urbana, 1997).

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