Giselle Beiguelman: Poetrica

  • ©, Giselle Beiguelman, Poetrica



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    Web art

Artist Statement:

    Poetrica is a series of visual “post-poems.” The process for composing these pieces involves using algebraic operations and non-alphabetic fonts (system fonts and dings). This process results in “imagetic” meanings and what I call “post-poems.” They do not aim to make textual meaning emerge from the visual surface by the way concrete and visual poetry did. Poetrica generally aims at just the opposite: to create visual meaning from non-textual characters, exploring new boundaries of non-phonetic language. Every no-poem has in its title the equation that was typed before the sequences of operations (additions, superpositions, divisions, etc.). In addition, each no-poem has a colophon, placed at the bottom, specifying the name of the font, size of the font, and whether or not it has a vector effect. Conceived for PDAs, the Web, and for unusual dimensions of paper and printing methods (like plotters and stickers), Poetrica also explores contexts of reading and perception. Even when re-sized and saved as something “new”, they are always made of the same information. Said another way, they are all second generation originals.


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