Goh Uozumi

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  • ISEA2019

    Goh Uozumi aims to intervene in historical paradigm shifts by art, and creates works/systems by algorithm based methodologies with taking other intelligence/existence than human beings into consideration. Since 2014, he worked on the establishment of “TRUSTLESS” which means to entrust trust/ belief to the algorithm technically, as an artistic concept. It’s an axis of the automation movements such as intelligence, contract, labor, and trust. New Order/Siren Call? That visualizes the existence of cryptocurrency and 空の 国 家 – State of Empty that builds nation-state by artificial intelligence were exhibited at ICC in 2016. Trustless Trust/Mk.God that generates memories of future artifacts was awarded the DigitalChoc 2015 by Institut Francais etc. OBSERVER N that extends theory-of-life reality by decentralized autonomous network system was exhibited at YCAM in 2012, and F – void sample that goes across void and perception was awarded the Japan Media Art Festival 2009.


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